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On your special day, we know that you want to be the star of the show. But chances are good that you want the experience to be like one that few others have ever experienced. And you want to make sure you have covered your bases start to finish.

One way to do this is on this important day is to offer coffee service for your guests, for those in the wedding party, family, and anyone else helping to put your big day together. A wedding isn’t just an event — it’s a special event that needs to flow.

Atlanta Coffee Catering Service for Wedding

This is why you should trust the best coffee catering in Atlanta.

We are a full service catering company serving the Atlanta, GA area, and we know how to make an impression on your guests.

We’ve done many events, from relaxed meet ups to high end corporate event catering. But weddings are where our service really shines. We provide a gourmet experience for your guests second to none.

We are a full service catering company serving the Atlanta, Ga area, and we know how to make an impression on your guests. We only look good if you look good. Fortunately, even our espresso service takes up little spacing, allowing us to make our impression without getting in anyone else’s way, be it the florist, the culinary team, or anyone else who is also there to showcase your wedding.

What We Offer

Best Coffee Catering Service For Weddings in Atlanta

When it comes to having coffee at your wedding, there are many options to choose from. For starters, it could be as simple as doing a pickup of our batch brew drip coffee for your respective wedding parties. But it could also be so much more.

If you would like us to staff your wedding as well, we have many options that will make you look like a star.

These services include, along with two experienced baristas:

  • Espresso bar for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, poured with Revelator’s renowned flair.
  • Pour over bar where your guests can experience the finer side or drip coffee with beans harvested from the greatest spots in the world.
    Birthday Party

  • Cold brew coffee bar where you can explore another dimension of coffee — and is refreshing for those warm summer weddings, especially outdoors.

Wedding Coffee Catering

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