Competition Sponsorship

Revelator Coffee is excited to sponsor up to five baristas from the greater coffee community for the upcoming competition season.

In addition to our Revelator employee team, we’re seeking to sponsor members of the community who are under-represented in the coffee industry, and without sponsorship, might face difficulty reaching competition. You do not need to be a Revelator employee to apply.

We believe that true competition should include and foster the growth of all people who wish to participate, and that competition can be important for networking, skill-building, and professional development. Barriers to entry, including financial status, gender, race, ethnicity, citizenship, and heritage, should not define nor limit any person’s ability to compete. Participants should qualify based on skill and talent, alone.

Through this sponsorship, Revelator seeks to support those historically underrepresented in the coffee industry; to upset, in a small way, biases in the industry; and to foster a more inclusive and equitable competitive environment.


For the month of August, we will be reviewing applications from coffee professionals who wish to compete in the upcoming season and need support in the form of application fees, travel funds, and prep/training.

How we can help:

  • Financial assistance with travel, registration fees, and wares
  • Coffee for practice, caffeination, and presentation
  • Training, coaching, glassware polishing, and on-site competition support

We will be selecting applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Desire to compete in the 2018 Coffee Champs cycle (Roasters, Brewers, Barista, Tasters)
  • Without sponsorship, would otherwise be unable to compete; independent and/or working for a business that does not offer support for competition
  • Identifies as a minority in one or more of the following ways: race/ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, sexual orientation, refugee status, veteran status, disability

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2018 at midnight ET. To apply, simply respond to the questions below and send us a basic resume. Your application may be directed to our Director of Retail Coffee Education, Eden-Marie Abramowicz:


Tell us a little about you!

Are you currently working in coffee? If so, where?

What drives you to compete?

What is your background in coffee?

Have you competed before? If so, when/where?

What competition are you interested in participating in?

Do you want to participate in a preliminary event? If so, where?

How would you like to influence the coffee industry?

How can we help? (equipment, coffee, financial, training, coaching, etc) Shoot for the moon.