Private Label Program

So you don’t necessarily need the Revelator Coffee brand but you want Revelator's coffee and our standard of excellence when it comes to sourcing, roasting, packaging, and quality control? Let us take care of the coffee and we’ll work with you on all of the rest. Here’s a quick look at what our private label program typically entails:

  • Your branding - we are happy to guide and to support design efforts for packaging and labels but this is your bag (so to speak)
  • Coffee sourcing and development geared around roast profile (light, medium, dark) or country of origin
  • Coffee fulfilment for 12 oz, 16 oz, and 5 lb offerings
  • Flexible S/H options
  • Robust training, tech, and marketing support options


We create each blend to fit a desired flavor profile. We source specific coffee components from various countries of origin that that fit the bill and match each blend’s character.

  • Light - sweet and bright with citrus notes and a bit of cocoa-cherry on the finish.
  • Medium - a crowd pleasing blend of caramel and chocolate. Smooth and silky with a sweet finish. Our medium blend is a good fit for traditional coffee drinkers and those who take a little cream and sugar.
  • Dark - big and bold flavor. Full bodied with a long, roasty finish. Stands up strong to cream and sugar.  


We offer a seasonal rotation of coffees from 12 countries of origin throughout the year. If you have a favorite coffee from a particular country and prefer an origin-specific roast instead of, or in addition to, a blend, just let us know. We will gladly provide information on our lineup.


By nature, private label programs are rarely one-size-fits-all. If you have questions or have a very specific want or need in mind, just let us know. We’re here to help!

Meredith Singer,