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We offer the best in gourmet coffee catering experiences in Atlanta

Wow your guests with the best coffee catering in Atlanta.

No matter what your special event is for, no doubt you want to impress your guests and make it memorable for everyone. One aspect of this for many settings is the fuel that keeps them going.

No matter what you choose from our options, your guests will be impressed. Whether you’re pairing our services with delicious food, or you’re trying to keep it simple with just a coffee option, you want to put your best foot forward.

Atlanta Coffee Catering Service For Events

What does full service catering mean for coffee?

Revelator Coffee Provides Exceptional Coffee Service For Events.

Overall, what you’re going to get with Revelator’s coffee catering is exquisite coffee that everyone will love. How that coffee gets to your guests is completely up to you!

We have a full suite of coffee service options to choose from. They include:

  • Pickup options for our best drip coffees along with all of the cups, cream, and sugar needed.
  • Delivery options to have our delicious roasts brought straight to your event.
  • Staffed service options to have our fully trained baristas offer your guests the best customer service in the business.

We also offer espresso options

Our Event Coffee Catering Services Also Include Espresso Options

We also offer espresso options — for if you really want to wow your guests with delicious espresso drinks presented with the artistic flair that Revelator’s expert baristas are known for. This is an elegant service option which is great for executive trainings, corporate conferences, and weddings.

We offer the following for full-service barista staffed options:

  • Espresso bar with all the acutremen needed for the amazing menu we offer.
  • Pour over bar that will allow your guests to tour the world’s finest coffee beans from anywhere in Atlanta.
  • Cold brew service that will offer a unique option for real coffee lovers, especially on warmer days.

Event Coffee Catering

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