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A rotating blend of coffees from the Americas and East Africa. About: Our house coffee, every coffee drinker can get behind. Brew: Great on any brew method, delicious any way you take your coffee. Good choice for espresso too!

A rotating blend of coffees from the Americas and East Africa. About: This is our most traditional offering for those who prefer a bit more of a roasty cup. Brew: Great on any brew method. Good choice for those who want an old school espresso at home. Plays well with milk, cream, syrups, and sugar.

About: Steady and consistent, but there to change it up just when you’re ready to try something new. Brew: Always suitable for any brewing method, we like to serve as a go-to drip option.

About: “Single origin” is somewhat of a loose term, but ultimately, these coffees are people and place specific. They are special, high quality, and kept separate as celebrations of the growers' work, the coffee trees they tend, and the land they steward. Brew: Really fun for any single cup preparation, but great for any brew method too. Experiment with it, make it your own!

Rotation of coffees from Fincas Mierisch family farms in Nicaragua. About: The Swiss Water decaffeination process is simple, natural and 100% chemical-free - simply coffee without the caffeine. Nothing more, nothing less. Brew: An easy going, flavorful decaf cup suited to any brew method, including espresso.

About: Our Single Origin offerings highlight the farmers and their lands. Our seasonal blends rotate during the year and are steady and balanced, yet expressive of their origins. Brew: Always suitable for any brewing method, but extra great as any single cup preparation and any filter method, including batch and auto drip machines.

About: Our house blends are our bread and butter - they are versatile and created with every coffee lover in mind with something for everyone! Each seasonal blend is balanced, expressive of its origins, and complement our seasons at home. Brew: An array of roast style and origins, a great packaged choice for those with multiple brew methods, variance of cravings, or too many cooks in the kitchen.

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