French Press Recipe

I applaud the morning birds out there - the fine folx that rise with the sun and bound towards another day with vigor in their step. I’m not that person. I pack a lot into my days and nights but mornings are always a negotiation. So I’ll just say it: thank god for the french press. 

I love a french press because it makes a reliably rich cup of coffee, it’s incredibly flexible, and it’s great for those blurry mornings (or hangover brunches) when precision just isn’t a primary focus or concern. 

I’ve developed a gentle early morning routine around my Bodum 8-Cup that helps nudge me towards the light. (A mischievous cat is highly recommended but not required).



  • Step 1: Win the snooze battle.
  • Step 2: Shuffle to the kitchen and get some water boiling. 
  • Step 3: Select your coffee of choice. Petunias Blend is tried-and-true: it’s that perfect balance of vibrant red cherry and rich cocoa notes that really sing on a press. 
  • Step 4: Grind coffee. I eyeball it right above my Bodum grinder’s blade level in the mornings (scales are for afternoon pour overs and QC exercises). You just do you, give it a whirl, and grind to medium coarseness. We’re targeting even granularity but nothing too fine: think Atlantic Beach sand versus that fine sugar you’d find on the Gulf Coast. The beauty here: if it looks too coarse once your eyes have fully adjusted and you’ve already dropped it in the press, just let it brew a few minutes longer. If it’s too fine, simply prepare to drink it nice and thick. Nothing wrong with that!
  • Step 5: Take water off boil and give it a minute or two to come down in temp slightly. 
  • Step 6: Add water to coffee and fill to desired level. I go to the top line cuz why not max it out?
  • Step 7: You can let it brew for the recommended 4-5 minutes, or go with my 7-8 minute range if you’re feeling frisky ;)
  • Step 8: Enjoy. 

What you do with these ~15 minutes of water boiling and brewing is up to you. Most days, I love to play with my cats because they’re shots of pure joy and a great way for me to feel connected to life without having to check messages or open a laptop. Journaling and meditation are also great options for particularly ambitious-feeling mornings. 

The main point here: whatever you do, you’re probably doing it right… the french press is a super forgiving, graceful, and classic way to start the day!

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