Cold Brew Recipe

Hi, Helen here! Writing to you from Charleston, SC.

As the newest member of the Revelator Coffee Company family, I jumped at the opportunity to create a recipe for Cold Brew using the classic at-home Toddy Brewer.. I’m new to drinking coffee and have discovered a love for iced coffee. I grew up near London in the UK drinking many cups of tea daily, and the only coffee I had known was chalky instant coffee. A few years ago, I discovered iced coffee on a road trip to Asheville, NC. Since then, I haven’t skipped a morning without coffee to start my day.

For me, coffee tastes best icey cold and I like to take my time drinking and savoring it. I like to drink a large glass of cold brew in the morning with my breakfast and I usually stir in a home-made milk alternative (my go-to is oat milk as it is simple to make, creamy and does not have an overwhelming flavor). I like a rich and full bodied flavor, and am partial to a slightly darker, bit more developed roast, so for this recipe, I used Misfit, one of our House Blends that’s available year round. I love variety, so sometimes I switch it up and try different Revelator blends or single origin coffees when I’m in the mood for trying something new.

The Toddy Brewer suits me nicely as it’s a super simple, no mess system. I can make a big batch of cold brew concentrate over the weekend, leaving it to brew for 24hrs in the fridge, and it will last me all week. I also love that it only takes a few minutes to set up and clean up when I use the cold brew filter bags.

Making delicious coffee at home should be no-stress, enjoyable and straightforward. The recipe I’m suggesting is completely customizable as it is all about making adjustments to suit your taste.


I suggest trying a few different tweaks when dialing in your own home recipe:

  • You can try out different levels of grind coarseness of the roasted coffee.
  • You can try using different temperatures of the water ranging from room temp, to cool, to cold. You can do so simply by leaving the coffee to brew in the fridge or on the countertop at room temp.
  • You can also play with different coffee and water ratios. If you’re trying to achieve a strong cold brew to either add milk to, or even to use as a concentrate to add water to later, try using a higher dose of roasted coffee (1.5X - 2X the normal amount). If you want something more iced tea like and delicate, use less coffee.
  • Personally, I like to make my brew as cold as possible and you can play around with stirring at different time points as this will also impact the taste.
  • Another experiment is to try out the traditional method of a felt filter or the newer method of using a cold brew filter bag. I like to use two filters for my cold brew for extra filtration and minimum clean up.

I’ve made you a quick video of my steps and listed my tried and tested method and recipe below as a starting point, enjoy!



TIME: 5 mins prep | 24hrs refrigeration | 20 mins filtering


-1 Toddy 
-1 Cold Brew Felt Filter
-1 Cold Brew Filter Bag
-12 oz coarse-ground coffee (revelator misfit coffee)
-7 cups cold water


-Set up your toddy (ensure that the plug is the base)
-Place felt filter inside and at the bottom of the toddy
-Place the cold brew filter bag inside the toddy
-Pour 12oz of ground coffee into the coffee filter bag
-Pour 7 cups of cold water evenly over the coffee ensuring the coffee is saturated
-Twist the coffee filter bag at the top to seal
-Put the lid on top of the toddy
-Place in the refrigerator for 24hrs
-After 24hrs, remove your toddy from the fridge and get your cold brew container ready
-Hover your toddy over your container and carefully remove the plug (the coffee will start to filter quickly so take care)
-Place the toddy on top of the glass container and leave for 20 mins to filter
-Discard the coffee filter bag with coffee inside (or set aside for compost)
-Remove the reusable felt filter, rinse in clean water, put damp felt filter in a zip lock bag and place in the freezer for next time


1 Part Cold Brew Concentrate | 2 Parts Water

-½ cup cold brew concentrate (made with revelator misfit)
-1 cup water
-generous splash of oat milk
-2 ice-cubes


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