Shift Break: Revelator and The Giving Kitchen

For folks in the service industry, the moment between shifts is a breath of fresh air – even if that air is wafting with steam and spices from the kitchen crew. Revelator Coffee’s collaboration with The Giving Kitchen, an Atlanta-based organization that provides emergency assistance to restaurant workers, is about that relief, support, and moment of pause.

Shift Break’s blend of coffees from Colombia is the result of hours of cupping. The final product brims with an assortment of flavors that echo the rich farmlands of Colombia. It’s also a way for us to give something back to the community, with $1 from every bag of Shift Break sold given to the organization.

The Giving Kitchen took flight in 2012 out of necessity. Ryan Hidinger, a prominent member of ATL’s culinary community, was met with Stage 4 cancer. The efforts set in motion to support Ryan and his family soon became a fraternal call to action: to bring relief to industry workers in need of assistance in times of crisis. Octane joined the ranks from the start, and continued to nurture the alliance between The Giving Kitchen and ATL’s coffee scene.

Through a web of community resources and financial support, The Giving Kitchen helps alleviate the struggle in the wake of disaster. Since 2013, they’ve provided a total of 1,116 grants, with 71% of those grants given to front-of-house workers and 29% given to back-of-house. Looking ahead, The Giving Kitchen is aiming to launch its first mobile app to reach more of the community, as well as aiming for $4million in donations by 2021. The Giving Kitchen currently serves Fulton County and surrounding areas, but is looking to scatter its seeds in all corners of Georgia by 2020, and the southeast by 2025.

With the spirit of industry workers in mind, The Giving Kitchen settled on “Shift Break” to outline a moment of rest, a pause for reflection and a break from the production of service work. During the early stages of roasting, this coffee gave us the usual red fruit notes typical of Colombian coffees, like strawberry and plum. After dialing in our roast profile, we were able to bring out the acidity, reminiscent of grapefruit or Meyer lemon, which results in a heavier body bursting with summer flavor. This coffee is an easy-drinker, reminiscent of that slow ‘n steady rise we look for in our first cup in the morning. Enjoyed as a midday refresher or sun-kissed by sunrise, Shift Break is the perfect house coffee.

Shift Break serves as the middle ground between work and play. It’s the fuel that fires productivity and sparks creative flow. Sometimes, all you need to push through the final hour is one more cup – and we should all be afforded a little time to catch our breath.

Find your own shift break in our Atlanta retail stores and Revelator online. Slow down the pace, give back, and feel good about your morning cup.

by Joey Sevin

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