Meet the Team: Announcing our Sponsorship Winners

Earlier this year, Revelator invited coffee professionals from the wider community to apply for sponsorship at this year's competitions. We particularly wanted to support baristas who are historically underrepresented in the coffee industry, and without sponsorship, might face difficulty reaching competition.

Although we don't put much emphasis on competition, we do think everyone should be empowered to compete. With financial sponsorship, training, and practice coffee, we're looking forward to the thrill and challenge of competition with these skilled, ambitious, and downright nice folks.


Talitha Clemons, from Oklahoma City, OK. 

"I am passionate about welcoming people, about inclusion, and all of the good things that coffee can do to build communities. I have worked primarily as a barista and in management for five and a half years, and have taken every opportunity to grow as a coffee professional. This is my first time competing. It has been challenging to so often be the only Black person or POC in shops where I have worked. I long to see more diversity on both sides of the bar and am excited that I get to help make space for others to be welcomed in shops and competitions! 
I love lifting weights, making things with my hands, and I dance Salsa. People and the relational bits that come with coffee are what drive me to continue. I love that we open up and talk about things, even tough things, over a cup. I am so excited that I have this opportunity to grow, gain greater understanding, to challenge myself, and to get to know some new people who have done or are doing the same." 

Edgar Reyes, from Houston, Texas.

"I’ve been in coffee for a little over two and a half years. This industry is so accepting and full of dedicated individuals, and I am super proud to be a part of it. Coffee is such a beautiful thing – I see it connect so many people and create amazing relationships. I've always wanted to participate in the Brewer's Cup competition, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be able to showcase my talents. For me, pour overs are such an awesome way to create a delicious cup of coffee. You can get creative with the recipes and bring out so many different flavors in a cup, and I thank Revelator for believing in me!" 


Sloane Wachob, from Denver, CO. 

"I work for Commonwealth Coffee as a production assistant, roaster in training, and barista. I was born and raised in Denver, and outside of my job, I play music as a passion project. I've been playing piano since I was four and have always played a bevy of string instruments. I'm currently playing bass for a math rock band with a couple of my really good friends. I'm pretty outspoken about my beliefs and convictions, so I do dedicate some free time to being a part of community organizing events and protests when they arise. I'm passionate about people, great coffee, and establishing meaningful connections." 


Sarah Hise, from Dallas, TX.

"I've worked in coffee in Dallas, TX for the last four years as a barista, cafe manager, and trainer. I love helping new baristas figure out coffee and the community in Dallas.  I'm also a student and mother of many animals, and fill what little free time I have reading, baking bread, and learning to sew. "

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