Cup of Excellence: Rwanda and Burundi

Each year, thousands of coffee lots are submitted for consideration at the Cup of Excellence, an international competition for high quality coffees. The coffees are rigorously vetted, and winning coffees are sold in global auctions at premium prices, with the vast majority of auction proceeds going to farmers.



The competition is thorough, with each "Top 10" coffee being cupped at least 120 times over the course of three weeks: first by a National Jury of about a dozen qualified jurors from the origin country, and then by an International Jury, comprised of 20-25 experienced jurors from around the world. The Cup of Excellence aims to increase integrity and transparency in the coffee industry, ensuring the value and quality of winning coffees.



Last Friday, August 31, Revelator hosted a public cupping, inviting members of the community to sample and evaluate this year's Top 10 coffees from Rwanda and Burundi. With some light snacks and easy vibes, we were invited to experience a professional cupping, sample these beautiful lots, and glimpse a little corner of the global coffee trade. 

Keep an eye on Revelator's menu - we hope to share some of these winners with you soon.



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