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Sweet tones of milk chocolate, butterscotch, and agave, complemented by notes of dark berry, and stonefruit.

The Sierra Mixteca producer association is based in Santa Maria Yucuhiti, Oaxaca, and includes about 150 farmer members. Yucuhiti lies high in the Sierra Madre, and is one of the highest regions in the state, where growing altitudes top out at about 1900 masl. Coffee trees are cultivated under a thick shade canopy, and harvest peaks around January and February. Immediately after harvest, freshly picked cherries are de-pulped, and undergo overnight dry fermentation for about a day. The wet parchment is then rinsed with fresh spring water, and either dried in full sun on patios or on raised, covered beds.

The small town of Guadalupe Miramar looks over the layered ridges of of the Sierra Madre all the way to the Pacific ocean. To our delight, and despite difficulties with coffee leaf rust, the Miramar community has maintained traditional coffee varieties. Most of the coffee cultivated is bourbon and typica, with small amounts of mundo novo as well. The farmers use organic practices, and most utilize worm composting methods as well. This lot from Guadalupe Miramar contains coffee from 15 different farmers.

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