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Notes of milk chocolate, dried fruit, and brown sugar. Velvety body with hints of berry and peach.

The community of Zaragoza lies just above the town of Putla, in the Sierra Mixteca mountain range of Oaxaca. Many of the farmers of Zaragoza are quality driven, and this year marks some early efforts in farmer level lot separation, in order to build higher tier bulk lots. One of the farmers in the community is connected through family to the Sierra Mixteca cooperative, based on the other side of the valley, in the town of Santa Maria Yucuhiti. Farmers cultivate older typica and bourbon varieties on small lots, which sit between 1400 - 1650 masl. They pick their own cherry, and use simple, small scale, and traditional processing methods. Ripe cherry is depulped using hand crank depulpers, undergoes dry fermentation for about a day, and is then sent to dry on patios under the sun.

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